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Who We Are

ProdiCode is a technology start-up, focused on creating valuable digital solutions. Our passion and desire for innovation align with our strong vision of integrating disruptive technology into enterprise and customer-faced operations. Therefore, our holistic approach is maintained by our constant pursuit of innovation


We create digital innovation

We aim to bring universal value through digital innovation, so that we can ultimately improve our day to day lifes. Technological progress is a part of what drives us to be competitive, efficient and unconventional, as it is in our human nature not only to survive, but to evolve and strive! Therefore, get ready to encounter what not so long ago seemed to be impossible...

Artificial Intelligence Store Analytics

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The best way to visualize neural networks

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The most secure ARP poisoning defender

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Souldbonded playlists through AI

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Time to go Digital

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and we are here to race it. Our innovation projects run on a 3 step strategy: optimize, channel, disrupt. By focusing on fundamental principles and practices across global industries, we strive to create unconventional digital innovations that will bring the world long-term benefit. The sky is not the limit anymore and we are ready to launch our rocket. As our mission, we aim to take the world to the next level: Digital.

Unconventional Solutions

Our philosophy relies on a value-driven mindset. This is an era of rapid technological progress you are meant to be part of, reason for which we are passionately dedicated to achieve your targets and dreams not long ago thought to be impossible. Our mission is to create accessible, ground-breaking technology through an out of the box approach.


To create seamless technology that amplifies our reach and defies limits.

Here are the innovations we've been working on:

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