Playlists through AI

For the first time, SMATCH is proposing a new way to listen to music. It’s smarter, more personal and lets you discover more about yourself and the music you listen to! Your playlists will be soulbonded.

Change the way you listen to music

Listening to music is an activity that everyone enjoys, especially when the right songs come up. SMATCH - soulbonded playlists, is an advanced artificial intelligence agent that generates personalized playlists in realtime for the user using emotional (vibe) correlations to match songs in the best way. Through using its own neural networks, SMATCH is able to match songs with a state of the art accuracy completely autonomously and in realtime.
There is no other AI like SMATCH and there won't be any other playlist like yours!

its so personal

Research has lead us conclude that there is a gap in satisfaction when listening to music through automated playlist; although they let you discover new songs and are meant to beneficiate both parties (artist and listener), users often complain about songs being queued inadequately and in a quite random way. SMATCH is able to understand messages in songs and correlate them with emotions, to unable a flawless queue to take place and create a journey-like playlist.

Go in depth with your automated playlists through correlations on an emotional level, like never before!

Seamless technology

We are using the latest technology in AI; through Recurrent Neural Networks, SMATCH is able to contextualize words in sentences and draw conclusions, outputted as emotions. In this way, songs are correlated and queued based on emotional data sets.

A true advantage

Tailored Automation

We will develop and deliver SMATCH completely tailored to your musical data base.

Personalised Playlists

Achieve a personal, "off-hands" approach to playlists through our state-of-art algorithms.

Differentiate Yourself

Obtain a true competitive advantage through an AI system like no other.

Discover and Evolve

Optimize your music platform by discovering more connections with SMATCH.

Level up your music platform!